The Best Tempe Hookah Bars

While several areas in Tempe have practiced no smoking laws which avoid people from smoking in Tempe restaurants and hookah bars, few areas permit it in public places. A Tempe hookah bar is a public bar same center in which customers group to smoke tobacco from old middle eastern water pipes generally called as hookahs. The laws which rule tobacco use and bars vary from one state to another, hence it is good to talk with the local lawyer if you require legal suggestion on hookah bar needs in your location. Most of the states need these bar owners to get a license to deal tobacco. The bar owners should fill out an application form and submit it with the application fee to get a license.

Private clubs:

The fee differs between 12.50 dollars to hundred dollars based on the place of the bar and the size of the city where it is situated. While some states may permit selling tobacco or smoking in few places, some also contain limitations on other activities or services. Some states prohibit smoking in restaurants, cafes and bars, but allow people to smoke in tobacco bars. But due to the limitation on smoking in hookah bars, restaurants and some bars cannot serve Mediterranean food or liquor. Along with state prohibition on selling tobacco with other services, even local ordinances impact hookah bars. Few cities restrict smoking in public places and in the private clubs, yet the state allows smoking in private clubs.

How it works:

The laws and city ordinance are matter to alter at any time and new laws usually restricts, instead of expands, smoking places. Hookah bars which satisfy local and state need should still comply with limitations on selling tobacco to minors. Any retailer who is against the law is subject to different kinds of sanctions like with a fine of about 2,500 dollars, a fifty dollars surcharge for every separate violation and cancellation of the bars retail license. Also called as argileh, narghile, hubble-bubble, shisha, goza, a hookah is a pipe which is availed to smoke sweetened and flavored tobacco. The pipe houses individual champers for the water and the tobacco and contains one or more tubing stems flexibly from which customer breath in the tobacco smoke.


It is flavored with fruit pulp, molasses or honey and has contained extra flavor included like fruit flavors, coconut, coffee or mint. Flavorings sweeten the aroma and taste of tobacco, creating it very attractive to young people. People always think that smoking from a hookah eliminates the nicotine and toxins from tobacco. But the nicotine in the device is addictive and such as cigarette smokers, those who smoke hookah are at danger for lung cancer, oral cancer, respiratory diseases, and stomach cancer and fertility issues. An hour of it usage exposes hundred to two hundred times the volume of smoke in a normal cigarette. A box of hookah has the quantity of nicotine in seventy cigarettes. Hookah smoke has lot of the similar dangerous chemicals in conventional cigarettes, tar, carbon monoxide, cobalt, chromium, nickel, cadmium and lead. Burning charcoal availed to heat tobacco shows smokers to extra carbon monoxide. A hookah bars provide patrons the chance to smoke with a team from a communal pipe.

Hookah Bar in Tempe

Protect yourself:

Generally kept in the middle of a table with number of stems to smoke from, it is packed with one type of flavored tobaccos. It serves Mediterranean food and alcoholic drinks and tobacco also. It is famous with college students, hookah smoking is considered as a special method to group with friends. It is addictive and each bit as dangerous to a smoker’s health like traditional cigarettes. Moreover, a one hour program of smoking shows smokers to more nicotine and toxins because they would get from a day of cigarette smoking. In the short term, smoking hookah increases blood pressure and heart rate that may raise the danger of stroke and heart attack. In the long term, it may contribute to different types of cancers, lung disease and heart disease. Protect the health and steer clear of hookah. The best bars are a best place for smokers and also for the people who want to relax in the laidback atmosphere.