Scottsdale Art Galleries and the Scottsdale Art Walk

Downtown Scottsdale is one of the few places in the phoenix area that one can take a walk. Scottsdale Gallery Association has been the advantage of this aspect for the last thirty years. They do this through an Art Walk that is one of a kind in the South West. This event takes place each Thursday of the year every year without fail. The only exception to this rule is on thanksgiving.

How It Takes Place

The event involves over a hundred art galleries. This is a great opportunity for people to view art free of charge. The only thing that is required of one is to peel their eyes. Since the event is so huge, one will undoubtedly get a chance to see some of the best art from the southwest. This event involves all of the best Scottsdale art galleries. They simply open the gates of their galleries to all members of the public who have a desire to experience a lot of art all in one night. The event is designed to take place from 7 p.m. up to 9 p.m. It would thus be a good idea to visit only a few galleries each Thursday night. Trying to rush through the entire thing will not really be worth it.

What to Expect

The event, which takes place every Thursday night, is an attraction in itself. A wide variety of people who attend this event and they can be quite interesting. It provides an opportunity to meet people from all lifestyles and to interact with them. This can be quite a revelation for a budding artist who is seeking inspiration in the world around them. It helps one to connect with humanity in a way that is rarely possible any other way.

There are also special events that take place at this Art Walk every night. Although the art walks ends at 9 p.m., many other entertaining events proceed far into the night. There are always acts available by special performing artists who try to display their art through actions. In addition, the museums hold special occasions each night during which they display a number of things. This can be quite mentally stimulating.

Picture of Scottsdale Art Gallery

This Art Walk is also an opportunity to meet renowned artists. At times, the museums invite some artists whose works are beloved globally to talk or make presentations. This can provide the perfect opportunity for one to learn about their favorite artist. This at times can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The reason for this is that some of these artists have a very busy schedule. As such, they are only available once in a long while.

One of the most famous artists at this Art Walk is Fritz Scholder. His work has had a huge influence on the art world for many years. Although he claims his work is not political, it has led to a lot of political debate. The artist is best known for his Indian-themed artworks. He seeks to redefine the story of the Native Indians. He challenges the popular notion put forth by the masses about this people. Up to now, some of the museums in Downtown Scottsdale have permanent places to display his work.

There are also special events held each year to commemorate this great artist. His work has and continues to inspire many artists both in his country and abroad. During his lifetime, he had the opportunity to display his work in some of the largest art galleries. For everything he painted, he always tried to explore the opposite direction of the work.

If one were ever in the Phoenix area, it would be worth visiting the Scottsdale Art Walk. It provides the perfect opportunity to view art from all over the world. However, it is important to note that not all galleries offer free entry. Some of the galleries charge their entrants in order to access the galleries. The rules, however, are usually lux for allowing entrants. Another point worth noting that parking in this area is free. As a result, one can stay here as long they wish without having to worry about parking charges. In addition, a trolley is available for those who want to move around the town cheaply.

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